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Material:   Stainless steel, ABS, PP
Size:           73 x 73 x 127 mm


•    One-Button To Control
•    Silent motor with 35dB
•    Ergonomic Design
•    Led night vision light
•    6 different grinding head
•    Safe on Baby's Finger and Toe Nails

  • It is delicate and non-stick
  • It is easy to stretch and will not change its shape for a long time
  • Perfect for a baby gift or baby shower decoration
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Easy to dry
  • Suitable to be kept as a gift for parents
  • Comes with accessories to decorate the prints
  • Perfect to be applied in DIY arts and crafts project

Bath Tub

•           Suitable from birth till 3 years

•           Soft and comfortable material

•           Durable and long-lasting

•           Weight 14kg


Bathtub Mat

•           It is suitable for 0-6 months newborn or smaller baby. It employs bath-bed structure to effectively prevent the baby from sliding into the water. The soft material can avoid the baby's head to crash the edge of the bed.


Baby Towel:

This cozy towel is an ideal after your baby's bath. It is a great for drying off your baby. Also, this baby towel wills envelope your little one with comfort and warmth. It has bright color.


Cleaning Towel:

Soft to touch and gentle on baby's skin.

Easy to wash

Easy to dry


Material: 100% Gauze Cotton